Underfell is an Alternate Universe of the main timeline, changing every character's personalities and fighting style.

Changes Edit

  • Blackjack is submissive, wears a collar and is TinySatan's pet.
  • TinySatan is much more dominant over her husband
  • EC is much more cruel and lustful, she carries a knife at all times and is almost always aggravated
  • GEC is very weak and paranoid, unable to fend for herself, evident by the many scars adorning her body
  • Jasan is much more evil and aggressive towards others
  • Skull is much more of an asshole toward his family, save for his wife
  • Erica is an asshole and a bitch, especially toward her son and friends
  • Zach takes after his father, being much more easily aggravated, especially toward his mother
  • Ace and Georgia are actually much nicer towards each other and others, one of the few in Underfell
  • Grace is much more easily aggravated and mean towards her siblings
  • Future Jay is very aggressive and evil against others but is much more mild-mannered around family
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