An Alternate Universe where the characters from the Undertale Roleplay series take over the place of canon Undertale characters, taking over their story with subtle differences for storytelling purposes.

Characters (In Order of Appearance) Edit

  • Error!Chara as Frisk (Named Ella)
  • Gothic as Chara
  • Grace as Flowey (Named Crystal)
  • TinySatan as Toriel
  • Jax as Napstablook
  • Blackjack as Sans (Named Jack)
  • Skull as Papyrus
  •  ???? as Nice Cream Guy
  •  ???? as Snowdin Shopkeeper
  • Mark as Monster Kid
  • Serif as Grillby
  • Jasan as Undyne
  •  ??? as Gerson
  •  ??? as Mad Dummy
  • Jay as Temmie
  • Genocide Error!Chara as Alphys (Named Gina)
  • Lila as Mettaton
  • Viola (Miscellaneous GEC Friend) as Bratty
  • Carsen (Miscellaneous GEC Friend) as Catty
  •  ??? as Burgerpants
  • Varik as Asgore
  • Grace as Asriel
  • Future Jay as Asriel Dreemur
  • Chara as River Person
  • Error as W.D Gaster

Storyline Edit

Ella, a Young human child, falls into the underground, greeted by a small crystal flower named Crystal where she learns about her SOUL, which is the core of her being. After being introduced to this, Crystal "teaches" her about LOVE, tricking her into damaging herself. Ella is then saved by the caretaker of the Ruins, TinySatan, she is led into a room and given a cell phone. After a few hours sitting against a pillar, she wanders to find her new self proclaimed mother. She is battled by a Froggit, who Ella easily befriends before wandering into the next few rooms where she proceeds to find Jax. Jax blocks her path and battles Ella after being woken up, remarking that "sleep is important". She then spends an hour finishing a puzzle and sits against a tree that TinySatan finds her by. TinySatan then takes Ella to her home, giving her new clothes and a room, Ella then helps her make a pie and then wanders downstairs to find that TinySatan is blocking her path, threatening to destroy the exit to the ruins. Ella and TinySatan fight each other, causing Ella to lose and she resets to fight TinySatan again. when they fight Ella manages to win via guilt trip. After they fight a knock is heard at the Ruins door. On The other side is Jack, who talks with TinySatan and promises to keep Ella safe, remarking "I hate making promises but i'll keep this one for you"

Ella then comes into Snowdin, where she meets Jack and is then lead through the forest and had hidden behind a conveniently shaped Lamp where we get out first look at Skull and Jack's brotherhood dynamic. After a few puns Skull walks off and Ella follows him, when Skull tries to capture Ella and fails every time, soon Jack and Skull find out that Ella does in fact enjoy Jack's puns.


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